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GEN 00014 (revised 02/22/2021)
Published On: 04/17/2017

Question: How will the monthly settlement quantities (PIPP share) be calculated? Is it based on meter data?

Answer: Yes, it based on meter data. We will be calculating hourly volumes for settlement based on actual monthly meter reads and load profiling. 

Bidding Rules

RUL 00001 (revised 03/24/2017)
Published On: 10/10/2013

Question: Is there a seasonal billing factor that will be applied to the auction clearing price to adjust the payments to the CRES Suppliers?

Answer: As outlined in Section 3 of the Bidding Rules, there will be no seasonal adjustment to payments.

"The payment to CRES Suppliers for tranches won will be equal to the RFP winning price. There will be no seasonal adjustments to prices."


DATA 00002 (revised 02/22/2021)
Published On: 09/26/2013

Question: How often will AES Ohio be providing updates to actual (realized) load data?

Answer: AES Ohio will update load data on a quarterly basis.  Specifically, updates will occur in September, December, March, and June of every year.

DATA 00004 (revised 02/22/2021)
Published On: 10/11/2013

Question: Can you please confirm that the product of the following three items equals the PJM settlement data called load without losses? 1) hourly load 2) the AES Ohio UFE Factor, and 3) [1-Deration Factor]

Answer: The product of ‘Hourly Load’ & ‘AES Ohio UFE Factor’ is Load With Losses.  Multiplying that by ‘Deration Factor’ results in Marginal (Transmission) Losses.  To obtain Load Without Losses, subtract Marginal Losses from the product of ‘Hourly Load’ and ‘AES Ohio UFE Factor’.

DATA 00007
Published On: 08/18/2014

Question: Please confirm whether the Peak Load Contribution (PLC) data provided in the load data are scaled or unscaled values? Specially, is the peak at the PLU or PLO level?

Answer: The PLC data is unscaled, but the Daily Zonal Scaling Factor is also provided.

DATA 00008
Published On: 09/16/2014

Question: Can you confirm whether the NSPL is scaled or unscaled? The total NSPL between January and May appears to be at different level from NSPL between June and December. Is the NSPL reallocated every year after PLC is changed on June 1st?

Answer: The NSPL values are effective from January 1st to December 31st.  The PLC values are effective from June 1st to May 31st.  Like the PLC, the NSPL is unscaled.

DAT 00010
Published On: 04/14/2021

Question: The SSO FAQ shows a PIPP PLC of 57.114 MW. The Bidder Information Session shows a PLC of 52.97 MW. Which PLC is the correct or most recent tag?

Answer: The correct value is 57.114.


CRE 00001 (revised 02/22/2021)
Published On: 08/06/2015

Question: Is there a list of acceptable modifications to the Draft Pre-Bid Letter of Credit?

Answer: There is no list of acceptable modifications to Credit Documents. 

If an applicant chooses to submit Draft Credit Documents, an electronic copy with any redlined changes must be sent as an email attachment to the PIPP RFP Manager at by the Supplier Application Due Date.


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Master SSO Supply Agreement

AGR 00001 (revised 02/22/2021)
Published On: 09/18/2013

Question: Will the payments made by AES Ohio be based on the same level of load as the PJM energy charges or are the distribution losses part of the product?

Answer: Suppliers will be paid for all MWh delivered to the delivery point. Suppliers are required to deliver to the delivery point sufficient supply to serve the slice of system load of the AES Ohio's PIPP customers including distribution losses.

AGR 00002 (revised 03/24/2017)
Published On: 10/01/2013

Question: Are changes allowed to the Master PIPP Supply Agreement?

Answer: No changes are allowed to the Master PIPP Supply Agreement.

FAQs Disclaimer

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